Reconnaissance Tour

A true Botswana Safari experience

More than just a safari in Botswana

A Botswana safari experience is amazing and can differ widely. Some people immediately think of kaki-clad pensioners enjoying the life, others of exclusive lodges or backpacking millennials. The truth is, you will find all of the above. What you will not find in Botswana are busloads of tourists cramming to disturb a pride of semi-tame lions begging for scraps.

Reconnaissance tours

There is however one more option available to those who are adventurous enough to partake.

We have several spots available on our next reconnaissance trip! These are intended to explore new areas for future ‘regular’ guest to accompany us to. They are by no means fully catered experiences. People joining us on these scouting trips should be prepared to find themselves in unexpected situations which sometimes requires a set of sound analytical skills and nerves of steel.

The rewards, however, are amazing: Waking up to the sound of wildlife in the morning without knowing where you will sleep that night. Unexpected encounters with the most magnificent animals of the Okavango Delta. Relying on local people to guide you through the bush whilst completely forgetting about the silly things that stressed you out back home.

What do we do?

Southern Cross Safaris Botswana owns and operates a private game park bordering the okavango delta. This will serve as our base camp on this tour. Here we will spend several days to prepare and brief everyone on the coming trip. The general Itinirary is as follows. We will travel North untill we hit the Caprivi strip of Namibia. After that, we head East until we hear the roaring of the magnificent Victora Falls in Zambia. In the last leg we will face the most challenging part of our trip as we head back to base camp straight through the Okavango Delta. We expect the whole tour to take us about 1,5 – 2 weeks.

How are we traveling?

We are traveling by 4×4, camp in the wilderness and cook on the fire. Although we need you to have a flexible mindset and be relatively fit, you don’t need survival skills. It helps if you have been on safari before, but we will brief and teach you extensively in our base camp to get you prepared.

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