The Ultimate Botswana Safari

Discover a continent. Explore the unexplored. Let us take you away to the unspoiled wilderness of yesterday. A place that excites the imagination and broadens the mind. Welcome to Botswana Safari Outfitters.

Join us on the adventure of your life.Your journey starts here.

Going on a Botswana Safari is a very personal moment. We believe it has the potential to change your perception of the world and the people in it. There is something about Botswana that sparks the imagination. A huge desert with the world’ s biggest oasis. In fact, it is the only place in the world where a river does not lead to the ocean but evaporates on a wide stretch of land. That unique occurrence makes magic happen…


The rising sun over a continent sees itself reflected on the tranquil yet mysterious waters of the early morning Okavango Delta.Alexander McCall Smith

Why a on safari in Botswana?

Since its independence in 1966, Botswana has not experienced civil unrest, devision or much of the racial tension that many African countries have had to endure. This is largely due to the fact that it was never fully colonized, having only briefly been a British protectorate. In addition, Botswana has a vast amount of natural riches which have not fallen prey to corruption due to stable and sound leadership.

Leadership that has traditionally been focused on the eradication of corruption. Which is why it has the lowest corruption levels on the continent and ranks above Portugal. Read on.

Botswana Safaris are unique because it offers something you cannot find in many other safari destinations: There are no busloads of tourists! Botswana has traditionally catered toward so called ‘ ‘high end’ tourism. This usually carries big price tag. However, we have chosen to make this available to everyone. Our safaris offer the following:

  • Private experiences. No concessions here! This is for you and your companions.
  • Comfortable accommodation. No 5 star lodges that charge up to USD 2.000,- a night. We prepare your private camp in advance!



A Safari experience for everyone

We offer three different tours: Indigo, Violet and Reconnaissance. This allows us to cater to people of all ages and can challenge the most extreme and seasoned safari enthousiast.

Safari IndigoSafari VioletSafari Reconnaissance
The classic Botswana Safari. You will experience wildlife from a comfortable distance in your own private party. A beautiful experience for people of all ages.
The Violet Safari challenges. Being a Mobile Safari, we will bring you deep into the wilderness to see the beauty of Botswana up close and personal.
Unchartered territory. Here we plot the wilderness for future tours – and we take you along for the ride! Be prepared for everything. Be fit and most of all keep an open mind. It does not get closer than this! Reconnaissance Tour